"Nineteen mountain peaks and a dinner" Click to open flip-book


Defining silence:  (H) 15cm x (L) 4260cm fan-folded to 15cm.  How does one begin to define silence? Depicting spaces of silence? …or silenced spaces? CLICK AND RUN: Hidden inside a car, over 600 photographs of the outskirts of Varossi were taken. Cut and pasted together, these photographs, with their seams left visible, create a video, as an attempt to re-create this journey, from the beach to the characteristic red earth of the Famagusta district. A catalogue of the images from the video "Defining silence". CONTENT ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-7AUIR5h34

Videos 2003-8  (Click to open flip-book). Directly linked to the political situation in Cyprus starting from the opening of the border 2003 to 2008.  Olives and traditional recipes become symbolic of passage: passing from bitterness to sweetness,   going from the personal story to the country’s history, taking the past as a beginning to making it the present. "Videos 2003-8" Androula Michael, Text of introduction, catalogue, 2009.  Conversation entre Lia Lapithi et Françoise Parfait à l’occasion de la projection de l’œuvre vidéo de l’artiste à l’École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, le 14 novembre 2008.


Do you believe in water? Cyprus and the Mediterranean deals with political and environmental issues. The lack of caring for the environment reflects a kind of unstable ‘territorial anxiety’ that a situation like the Cyprus problem can induce. It is a territorial anxiety involving a geographic, political, economic and social burden

"Washing up Ladies" (Click to open flip-book).   See also blog: www.washing-up-ladies.blogspot.com

Inhale/Exhale is reminiscent of laboratories and hospitals, places of silence and whispering, where mostly cold color predominates and is a continuation of the preceding work entitled 'Operating Theatres'. However this is far from a post-human high- tech world of genetic reconstruction and even that of science fiction. It is simply focused on mundane experiences using conventional medical equipment that in many cases are outdated.

Operating Theatres is a journey into the consciousness from the transformation of our natural environment into a virtual environment of medical science. The human form here undergoes "improvement", change, healing to recreate a "better" or "perfect" human form, able to "recreate" one self. Issues that touch plastic surgery such as self-image, self-indulgence, self-awareness, self-improvement struggle between emotional tension and the obligatory or unavoidable medical implementation, of being restored to health.