1979-83 Double major: Degree of Bachelor of Arts and Environmental Studies/Design (Double major),
University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC), California, USA
1984 Degree of Master of Philosophy (MPhil Art), University of Lancaster, UK.
1989-91 Diploma of Architecture, Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury School of Architecture, UK (RIBA part 2)
1994 Master in Education, University of Wales, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Gaia-Spaces of Femininity (Dialogue with Parmenides and Heraclitus), Larnaka Municipal Gallery, Larnaca, Cyprus
2013 In the beginning was the Word, Byzantine museum, Nicosia, Cyprus,
2012 Curtain call, Cyprus National Theatre (THOK) Nicosia, Cyprus
2012 ΚΥΠΡΟΣ-CYPRUS-KIPRIS 17 cents – Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos, Nicosia, Cyprus
2012 I shall follow you to the end of the world – Immigrating for love , Leventis Municipal Museum, Nicosia Cyprus.
2011 Nineteen Mountain Peaks and a Dinner, Cyprus Cultural Centre (Spiti tis Kyprou), Athens, Greece.
2011 Mediterranean, European Heritage days, Larnaka Municipal Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus.
2010 Symposium: Nothing Sweeter than Home, Bank of Cyprus Cultural Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus (
2010 Washing-Up Ladies, Cyprus University, Nicosia, Cyprus (
2010 50th year anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus,Famagusta gate, Nicosia, Cyprus (
2010 Terra Natal: Defining Silence, Cyprus High Commission, London, UK
2009 Terra Natal: Defining Silence, Consulate General Cyprus, New York, USA
2007 330 nM, Gallery Rytmogram, Bad Ischl, Austria.
2005 Do you believe in water? Pantheon Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2003 Inhale – Exhale, Pantheon Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2001 Operating Theatres, Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos, Nicosia, Cyprus
1998 Recent multi-media paintings, Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
1997 Lia Lapithi, Monohoro Gallery, Athens, Greece
1996 Landscapes and memories, Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
1995 Landscapes, Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
1989 Setting sail, Opus Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
1987 Journey through colour, Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
1985 Collages and paintings, University Art Gallery, Lancaster, U.K
1983 From overseas-Cyprus, Oakes Gallery, Santa Cruz, California, U.S.A.

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2017 Pafos Cultural Capital of Europe2017, Lemona, Pafos: dinner installation with projections “The Corner of a Foreign Field”; curated by Pafos2017
2016 Switch on! Palace of Marquis de Pombal , Lisbon, Portugal: “Defining Silence” panorama. Curated by Suspended Spaces collective
2016 Sair Do Livro, Circulo de Artes Plasticas de Coimbra, Portugal : “Defining Silence” panorama. Curated by Suspended Spaces collective
2016 Lemesos after development?, Workers housing, Limassol, Cyprus: marriage Certificates. Curated by Christofinis and Lianou.
2016 European museum night, Byzantine Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus: Portable sculpture, 10 black travel bags printed with the map of Cyprus, tied up to form a Cross,
150x300cm and postcards. Curated by Iannis Eliades.
2015-6 Μετακινήσεις/Mobility, ckAlpha Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus «Bird caught in net”; Curator Nelly Kyriazi
2015 Sortir du livre, Mains d’Œuvres, Saint-Ouen, Paris, France: artist’s sketchbook and “Defining Silence” book. Curated by Suspended Spaces collective.
2015 Consul’ Art (third edition), Maison d’ Artisanat et des Métiers d’Art, Marseille, France: installation, projections and performance « Diner des poètes » .
2015 Build Peace, 10:10 Nicosia, Cyprus: projection and installation “the shroud of Cyprus”, curated by Build Peace art program
2015 The poetics of matter, Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos, Nicosia, Cyprus: “3-poets dinner” installation. Curator Daphne Nikita
2014 The poetics of matter, Centre of Contempoaray Art Diatopos, Nicosia, Cyprus: “What do poets eat?” installation. Curator Daphne Nikita
2014 No Words, Larnaka Municipal Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus: “Blue Legs” series of sculpture (and a performance). Curator Tonia Loizou
2014 The magic of writing, Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation: “God” and “Goddess” sculpture with Ellada Papaioannou. Curator Anna Marangou.
2013 Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France: “Marinated Crushed Olives” video part of permanent collection.
2013 Cadavre Exquis, (as part of Culture Capital of Europe 2013 Marseilles-Provence), Musee Granet, Aix-en-Provence, France : 5-screen video, table and acoustic installation « Lets talk about Love… over dinner, inspired by the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite ». Curator Evelyn Artaud, Diane Watteau.
2013 Consul’art (second edition), part of the Mois de l’International at the Pavillon M, Marseille, France. Selected by committee under the auspice of Didier Parakian.2 videos : “ installation with book and video, “Defining Silence” and video “House by the beach”.
2013 Cadavre Exquis, (as part of the 2013 cultural capital of Europe, Marseille-Provence) Musee Granet, Aix-en-Provence, France: 5 screen video , table and acoustic installation: “Lets talk about love…over dinner- inspired by the Goddess of love, Aphrodite”. Curator Evelyne Artaud.
2012 The work of art as a functional object, Centre of Contempoaray Art Diatopos, Nicosia, Cyprus: “urinal couch after Duchamp”, sculptural installation. Curator Daphne Nikita.
2012 Public Private-four faces of our surroundings. Galerija Nua Treci Belgrade, Serbia: installation “Salt for Gandhi”. Curator Jelena Veljković
2012 Omi International Center, Open Day3, Ghent, NY, USA : 3 installations: “All I want in life is to make the perfect omelet”, “Last words” and “Down the rabbit hole”.
2012 In growing up amid the historical mysteries of proximity: Pros and cons of being neighbors. ITS-Z1, Belgrade, Serbia: Video installation “The grass is greener on the other side” and performance with Isin Onol an “Enemies in Collaboration” project. Curators Isin Onol and Dimitrina Sevova.
2012 Contre nature/Les fictions d’un promeneur d’aujourd’hui, (A l’occasion de la commémoration du tricentenaire de la naissance de Jean-Jacques Rousseau), Musée Départemental de l’Oise de Beauvais , France : Defining Silence, video and book installation. Curators Evelyn Artaud and Diane Watteau.
2012 At Maroudia’s, Ethnological Museum – House of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios, Nicosia: An ethnic food for an ethnological museum… moussaka, set table for 6, video installation food performance. Curated by Re Aphrodite in the framework of Terra Mediterranea – In Crisis curated by Yiannis Toumazis , under the auspices of the Cyprus presidency of the council of the EU.
2012 Mapping Cyprus / contemporary views, Bozar Expo, Brussels: ‘82,5km’, x33 photo installation, and videos; Grade IV and Marinated Crushed Olives. Curated by Andri Michael, under the auspices of the Cyprus presidency of the council of the EU.
2012 International Exhibition – Sculpture and Object XVII/ Contemporary Cyprus Sculpture, House of Art, DOM UMENIA, Bratislava, Slovakia: “There will be no homecoming” Installation. Curator Tonia Loizou, under the auspices of the Cyprus presidency of the council of the EU.
2012 Maniera Cypria, The Evagoras Lanitis Centre , Limassol, Cyprus: “How do you know it is Aphrodite?” 3-channel video. Curator Nadia Anaxagorou, under the auspices of the Cyprus presidency of the council of the EU.
2011-13 Peacemakers and the Qin Emperors Warriors, Shaanxi Art Museum in Xian, Heilongjiang art museum, Suzhou art museum, China: Blue Peace Warrior, sculpture. Curator Pick Keobandith
2011 The location of culture, (presented by Walk of Truth), Pulchri Studio, the Hague, Holland: Video “Sweet olives”. Curator Pavlina Paraskevaidou
2010 Chypre l’art au present, Espace Commines, Paris, France: installation “Stamp Wallpaper”. Curators Andri Michael and Yiannis Toumazis.
2010 Looking Awry: Views of an anniversary, Evagoras Lanitis Centre Limassol, Cyprus: installation video/set table/carpet “There will be No Homecoming”. Curator: Antonis Danos
2010 The Little land fish, 2010 European Capital of Culture, Antrepo Exhibition venue, Istanbul, Turkey: video “The Little Land Fish”. Curators: Antonis Danos and Yasa Yaman
2010 Suspended Spaces (Depuis Famagusta), Maison de la culture d’Amiens, Amiens, France video and postcard “Turn a Blind Eye”, on wall 35m
publication “Defining Silence”. Curator Brent Klinkum
2009 Éphémerite/ Effemminite, Cite de l’ameublement, Paris, France : video “Recipe for Marinated crushed olives”. Curators: Julia Villasenor Bell and Marie-Laure Delaporte
2009 Getting Even, Casa Galeri, Istanbul, Turkey: videos “Recipe for Marinated crushed olives” and “Sweet Olives”. Curator Isin Onol
2009 A change of air, Laden Project , Parkhaus im Malkasten, Düsseldorf, Germany: “Letters to K21 director about a pencil-case”. Supported by:
Karl-Heinz Rummeny + Stoa Aeschylou
2008 Dans la nuit, des images, Création numérique en Europe, Grand Palais, Paris, France : “Electricity” video. Organiser: LE FRESNOY |Artistic Director: Alain Fleischer
2008 Looking forward to hearing from you, Action Field Kodra, Former Millitary Barracks, Thessaloniki, Greece: Tetralogy” videos and “82.5km” photo-installation. Curator Andri Michael |Artistic Director Christos Savvidis
2008 Paris/Cyprus, European Cultural Month organized by the French presidency of the EU, Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt, Paris, France: videos “Tetralogy””videos. Curator Andri Michael
2008 Looking forward to hearing from you, Gounaropoulou Museum, Athens: “Grade IV” Curator Andri Michael
2008 Urban Jealousy, 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran, 1st Station Istanbul: “Recipe for marinated crushed olives” video. Curators Serhat koksal and Amirali Ghasemi
2008 Baricades without Borders -’68 New (Brave) World, XXIV International Festival Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina: “I will love my neighbour” installation.
2007 Atlandis Lost: In search of a new frontier, European Cultural week in India (work from the Cypriot state collection of contemporary art), Indira Ghandi Art Centre/ Mati Ghar, New Delhi, India: “Test Tube bed”. Curator Artemis Eleftheriadou
2007 Kunst Messe, Landesgallery, Linz, Austria: 330 nM
2007 Crossings-A contemporary View, Espace Camille Claudel, Amiens, France and Nicosia, Municipal Art Centre, Cyprus: “82.5km”, photo installation Curators Andri Michael and Yiannis Toumazis.
2007 Disaster/oblivion, Municipal Art Centre, Cyprus: “Should I go or should I stay now?” video. Curator Andre Zivanaris
2006 Meeting Europe–Cyprus, Apollonia European Art Exchanges, Palais Rohan, Strasbourg, France and Centre for contemporary art, Flémalle (Liège), Belgium: video installation “Should I go or should I stay now?”. Curator Dimitri Konstantinidi
2006 Island of love, Collaboration with Loidl gallery, Bad Goisern, Austria – Cyprus: “Please” multi-media panels. Curator Helmut Loidl.
2006 25 Peaces, Vienna billboards, Austria: “While others wait…We Share” and “Medical Tourism” billboard photos. Curators Walter Seidl und Ursula Maria Probst
2005 Untouchable things, Backlight 2005, 7th International Triennial, Tampere, Finland: “Flower installation” and “My Firstborns” photo installation. Curator Ulrich Haas-Pursiainen.
2005 Somatopia: Mapping Sites, Sitting Bodies, Hellenic Centre, London, UK: “Lick bed” installation with “26 Weeks” video. Curator Antonis Danos (catalogue conversation with Henry Meyeric-Hughes).
2005 Capturing Utopia, Fournos Centre for Digital Culture, Athens, Greece: “Niki|Cyprus-Atlantis photo series”, photo projections. Curator Anthos Santorineos.
2005 Open, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Lido-Venice, Italy: “Blue pears with lace” sculpture installation. Curator Paolo De Grandis (catalogue text by curator Daphni Nikita)
2005 Accidental Meetings, Nicosia Municipal Centre, Cyprus: “Female Urinal Couch”, sculpture. Curator Yiannis Toumazis.
2002 Manifesta 4 “The Room”, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany: “Operating Theatres” CD-ROM
2001 3rd Biennale of Florence, Italy: “The hole” multi-media installation (3rd Multimedia Award)
2000 From the Chisel to the Electron, A changed World. 100 years of Cyprus sculpture. Organised by the National Art Gallery in Castelliotissa, Nicosia-Cyprus: “Nose operation” video installation and “Skin” projection on pear sculpture.
2000 12 Cypriot painters: Gloria Gallery. Ioannina Municipal Hall, Greece: “Local-Global”, triptych painting video installation
1999 20th International Biennale of Alexandria, Egypt: “Mechanical billboard I” and “Still-life video installation”.
1999 Four Women’s Work on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the American Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus: “Landscapes XV-XXX”
1997 A Century of Visual Arts, Works from the state collection of contemporary Cypriot art, Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe: “Still-life III”
1997 Brushstrokes Across Cultures III, Famagusta Gate, organised by the American Embassy Nicosia, Cyprus: “Landscapes XX-XV”
1996 Women creators of two seas, Mediterranean and Black Sea (UNESCO), Thessalonica, Greece: “Landscapes XV-XX”
1996 Modern Goddess contemporary art by women artists from Cyprus and England, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia Cyprus: “Landscapes IX-XV”
1996 Cyprus, Its People and Culture, Banner, Nicosia Municipal Art Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus: “Sea Journey” banner
1996 Exhibition of the Van Gogh foundation, Nicosia Municipal Art Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus: “Green Chair” painting
1996 Cyprus through Leontios Mahairas history, Nicosia Municipal Art, Nicosia, Cyprus: “Idol I” painting
1995 European Cultural month, Nicosia, Contemporary Art Exhibition, St. Andreas Market, Nicosia, Cyprus: “Collage series I-X”
1992 Imeroessa Lapithos, Stage design, Nicosia Municipal Theatre and Pattichio Municipal Centre, Limassol, Cyprus: “Lapithos” 10m painting
1987 Pan-Hellenic Art Exhibition, Athens, Greece: “Black poppies III” painting
1987 1st Biennale of Europe’s Fine Art Schools, Toulouse, France: “Landscapes IV-XI”
1986 2nd Biennale New Mediterranean Artists, Thessalonica, Greece: “Landscapes III”
1986 Seven New Cypriot Artists, Art Centre of Popular Bank of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus: “Landscapes I-II” painting
1985 Prix Matisse, French Cultural Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus: “Paintings” I-IV

Video Screenings

2013 Portraits of Cypriots, Schiltigheim Culture, Apollonia European Art Exchanges, Cheval Blanc, Alsace, France: organisers Raphael Nisand, Nathalie-Jamboc-Bertrand and Jean-Yves Bainier.
2012 Images and views of alternative cinema, filmfood, Theatro Ena, Nicosia, Cyprus: 4 food related videos, “Recipe for Marinated crushed olives”, “Olive bread”, “Sweet olives”, “Divide and Consume”
2011 Suspended Spaces (Depuis Famagusta), Muséum Centre Pompidou, Paris, France: video and postcard “Turn a Blind Eye” + publication (Suspended Spaces|Famagusta – Blackjack editions) Curators Francoise Parfait, Brent Klinkum, Erik Valette and Daniel Le.
2010 Voir/Revoir Tania Bruguera, Muséum Centre Pompidou, Paris, France: video “Recipe for Marinated crushed olives” : artist Tania Bruguera made 1000 copies , (Nouveaux Médias MNAM-CCI permanent collection of Centre Pompidou, and sold them for 1 Euro each.
2010 32nd International Short Film Festival (at market), Clermont, Ferrand, France: « Tourist in Famagusta» video.
2009 Rencontres, Centre Pompidou , Paris, France: « Reasons for War» video. Curators Nathalie Hénon and Jean-François Rettig.
2009 Contested Territories, UCL Festival of the moving image, London, Uk
2008 Lia Lapithi-Videos, Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, Paris, France: 10 videos followed by dialogue with Francoise Parfait and Andri Michael
2008 Art under the bridge festival, Dumbo Arts Centre, Brooklyn New York USA: “Recipe for marinated crushed olives + Electricity+ It is Spring-time and I am still living in Cyprus”. Curated by Caspar Stracke + Gabriela Monroy
2008 Rencontres, National Museum of Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany: « Electricity” and « Recipe for Marinated crushed olives» videos. Curators Nathalie Hénon and Jean-François Rettig.
2007 Rencontres, Cinema Entrepot , Paris, France: « Electricity” and « Recipe for Marinated crushed olives» videos. Curators Nathalie Hénon and Jean-François Rettig.
2007 Gold Loops Middle-East, Frac of Basse Normandie and Video Transat, Cinema Lux, Caen, France: “Tetralogy” 4 videos (in French). Curator Brent Klinkum.
2007 Her shorts Women’s international video festival, Plugged, Tucson Arts Council, Arizona, USA: “Hurting the Washing-Machine” video on monitor. Curator Gina Cestaro.
2007 4th Short Film and Documentary Festival, Ministry of Education and Culture, Rialto-Limassol, Cyprus: “Tetralogy” 4 videos (in Greek)
2006 28e Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen Montpellier, France: “Should I go or should I stay now?” video. Curator Hubert Corbin.
2006 Urban Soul Festival, Eleftheria Square, Nicosia, Cyprus: “Washing-Up Ladies” performance /video /installation
2005 Rencontres, Cinema Entrepot , Paris, France: “Should I go or should I stay now?” video. Curators Nathalie Hénon and Jean-François Rettig.
2005 Going beyond the countries art, Video Sensitive Postcards, Ancient Monastery of Saint Claire, Republic of San Marino: “Should I go or should I stay now?” video. Curators Rita Canarezza +Pier Paolo Coro (Nua new contemporary arts and research)
2005|6 Xperimental 4.0, International Experimental Film Festival, Pantheon Cultural Association, Nicosia, Cyprus: “26 Weeks” and “Grafting, All My Children”, videos.
2000 Medi@terra 2000, International Art and Technology festival and symposium, Athens, Greece: “Nose operation” video installation. Curator Anthos Santorineos.


2016 The journey of souls, Byzantine Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus: Cross-carrying interactive performance. Curator Yiannis Eliades.
2014 No words, Larnaka Municipal Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus: Blue Legs performance. Curator Tonia Loizou
2014 In the beginning was the word, with philologist Ellada Papaioannou, Byzantine Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus. Curators: Dr Ioannis Eliades and Katherine Nikita.
2013 A reading performance, Celebrating Museum Day at Ethnological Museum, curated by re-Aphrodite: feminist re-writing on plates including Scum manifesto
2013 Stories in Screens, performance erasing newspapers with back projection of ΚΥΠΡΟΣ-CYPRUS-KIPRIS 17 cents-, Chiaki Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus.


2012 Omi nternational Center, Ghent, NY, USA ( ).

Public-Art Awards

2007 Second price Public Art Award Elegtiki building, Nicosia, Cyprus: “Pendadactylos” sculpture
2007 Second price Public Art Award Post Office building, Ayia Napa, Cyprus: “Lace pear” sculpture
2006 First price for Public Art Award the Olympic Committee Building: “Blue Legs Para Olympics” sculpture (completed 2007)
2006 First price for Public Art Award Lyceum Ayiou Spiridona, Limassol, Cyprus: “Fake Forest” sculpture
2005 Second price Public Art Award Gymnasium Ayiou Theodorou, Paphos: “Rotating billboard”
1997 First price for Public Art Award Police Station, Pera Orinis, Cyprus

Artists monographs

Washing Up Ladies Nicosia-Cyprus 2010 ISBN 978-9963-8604-5-6
Defining Silence Nicosia-Cyprus 2009 ISBN 978-9963-8604-2-5
Videos 2003-8 Nicosia-Cyprus 2009 ISBN 978-9963-8604-3-2
Do You Believe in Water? Nicosia-Cyprus 2007 ISBN 9963-8644-4-9
Inhale Exhale, Nicosia-Cyprus 2003 ISBN 9963-8604-1-9
Operating Theatres Nicosia-Cyprus 2001 ISBN 9963-8604-0-0
Υφασματογραφίες Nicosia-Cyprus 2007 ISBN 9963-8644-6-5
Μια ανοιξιάτικη μέρα Nicosia-Cyprus 2007 ISBN 9963-8644-5-7


2016 ‘Silences / Here I stand ironing’.
2016 Asia Minor diary in karamanlidika text.
2015 White-Desire ”ICE-CREAM, Re-materializing Post-colonial Cyprus, 6:23 min.
2015 Songbird catcher, 3 min
2014 “The shroud of Cyprus/ H σινδόνη της Κύπρου”, Double video projection, 5:25 minutes.
2012 Κύπρος-Cyprus-Kipris 17 cents, 3min 35 sec
2012 The Grass is Greener on the Other Side, Multi channel
2012 Salt in a bowl for Gandhi , three channel, 4 min17sec
2012 How do we know it is Aphrodite? 3-channel video installation, may be viewed separately also
2012 Μουσακάς | Moussaka”, 6:31minutes
2011 Giakoumis – a Cyprus poodle, 2-chanel
2010 House by the beach, 3 minutes
2010 Ελιόψωμο |Olive bread, 7:00 minutes
2010 Divide and Consume”, 3:18 minutes
2009 Defining silence- Famagusta-Cyprus 28.5 km/hr, 19 min 20 sec
2009 Turn a Blind Eye, 2min 20 sec
2009 Change of air | Αέρας αλλαγής | Ηava değişimi, 1:50 minutes
2008 The Games We Play 1 min 3sec
2008 Reasons for War, 3 minutes
2008 Cyprus, a Cowboy Frontier Land, 2 min 10sec
2008 It is Spring-time and I am still living in Cyprus, 2 min
2008 History in the making, 3:30 min
2007 Grade IV, 3 min
2007 Olives in Syrup, 3 min
2007 14 Demosthenous street, 4 min, Greek (with French subtitles)
2007 Taking a bird for a walk, 3 min
2006 Recipe for Marinated crushed olives, 3 min
2006 Rabbits have no memory, 1min 55 sec
2006 Should I stay or should I go now?, 1 min
2006 Electricity, 2:30 min
2006 330 nM, 3 min
2005 Grafting/All my children
2003 26 Weeks, 9 min
2000 The Enchanted pear tree 3 min
2000 Interactive CD-ROM-Operating Theatres
1999 The hole, 1 min,

Catalogues/Journals/Academic Publications

2016 Λεμεσος μετα την αναπτυξη, τι? ANBAU Christofinis Architects, ISBN 978-9963-23430-1
2015 Time and Space in Contempoary Greek-Cypriot cinema, Lisa Socrates; Peter Lang publishers ISBN 978-3-0343-0988-2(print) ISBN 978-3-0353-0690-3(eBook)
2014 Suspended Spaces 3, Les Editions de l’ Ecole des Beaux Arts.
2014 Ethiques du gout, Editions L’ Harmattan, ISBN 978-2-343-03903-9
2012 Eating together in our changing world, Museums and Social Issues, Volume 7, Number 1, Spring, Left Coast press, Inc (article written by Christina Vatsella).
2012 Suspended Spaces 2 Blackjack editions, Paris ISBN 9782918063254.
2012 Contre Nature, Musee Departemental de l’Oise-Beauvais ISBN 978-2-901-290-25-4
2012 Deterritorializing the Nation: Deleuzian Time, Space and Narrative in the Video Art of Lia Lapithi Shukuroglou. By Lisa Socrates, 2012 9 Journal of Literature and Art Studies.
2012 Terra Mediterranea – in crisis. (Nicosia) ISBN 978-9963-575-79-4
2012 Mapping Cyprus, Contemporary views, Bozar – Expo ISBN 978-9963-0-0158-3
2012 KUNAPIPI Journal of postcolonial writing and culture volume XXXIII 1-2, 2011 ISSN 0106-5734
2012 Maniera Cypria (Municipality of Limasol) ISBN 978-0063-597-10-9
2012 Paradoxa, International feminist art journal, volume 30 ISSN 1461-0434
2012 Images and views of alternative cinema (
2011 Suspended Spaces|Famagusta – Blackjack editions (Montreuil, France) ISBN 978-2-918063-10-0
2010 “De-territorialisation of the ‘nation’: Deleuzian time, space and narrative in the video art of Lia Lapithi Shukuroglou.” by Lisa Socrates, Centre for Intercultural Studies, University College London
2010 Chypre l’art au present (Nicosia) ISBN 978-9963-8922-4-2
2010 Body : Stories and Representations (Nicosia) ISBN 978-9963-9270-5-0
2010 50 years of Artistic Creation (Nicosia) ISBN 978-9963-8922-3-5
2010 Kasa’ da 10 yil (Istanbul) ISBN 978-605-4348-01-5
2010 The Little Land Fish (Nicosia-Istanbul) ISBN 978-9963-9729-2-0
2009 Videos 2003-8 “Videos 2003-8” Androula Michael, Text of introduction, catalogue.
2009 “Le mot à l’œuvre” Christina Vatsella, Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art (INHA), jeudi 2 juillet 2009
2009 “La fonction critique de l’ art” essai par Androula Michael, sous la direction d’ Evelyne Toussaint (Belgium) ISBN 978-87317-341-8
2008 Paris/Chypre: ISBN 978-9963-0-0124-8
2008 “Deleuze, Time, and Cypriot National Cinema: Space, narrative and the sound image in the work of Lia Lapithi Shukuroglou” by Lisa Socrates, Research seminar in Film Studies, University College London
2008 Conversation entre Lia Lapithi et Françoise Parfait à l’occasion de la projection de l’œuvre vidéo de l’artiste à l’École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, le 14 novembre 2008, Videos 2003-8 ISBN 978-9963-8604-3-2
2008 “Εικαστική παρουσία της Κύπρου στην Γαλλία” Article by Dina Pamballi 14/12/2008 in Simerini newspaper
2007 ATLANTIS LOST: In search of a new frontier ISBN 978-9963-0-0119-4
2007 Vernissage (das magazine fur atuelles ausstellungsgeschehen 269|2007november|27
2007 YK:EMX ISBN 978-9963-575-57-2
2007 “Speaking in tongues; Rencontres Internationales in Paris” interview by Emily Monaco
2007 Crossings, a contemporary view (Nicosia) ISBN 978-9963-9071-7-5
2007 Crossings, A contemporary view (Amiens) ISBN 978-9963-9071-5-1
2006 Chypre/Cyprus Rencontre l’Europe ISBN 2-9527497-0-1
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2006 28e Festival International Cinema Mediterraneen Montpellier
2005 Backlight 05, 7th International photographic triennial in Tampere, Finland ISBN 952-00626-1-4
2005 Open, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations Centro Italiano per le Arti e la Cultura
2005 Accidental Meetings ISBN 9963-575-49-8
2005 Somatopia ISBN 0063-0-0107-6
2005 Λαπηθιωτες Ζωγράφοι Δήμος Λαπήθου
2003 Cyprus Artists ISBN 9963-8644-2-2
2003 Brushstrokes across cultures V -Cypriot and American Art at the Residence of American Embassy
2000 From the Chisel to the Electron, A changed World ISBN 9963-575-28-5
2000 Δώδεκα Κύπριοι καλλιτέχνες Γκαλερί Γκλορια
1999 XX Biennale D’ Alexandrie ISBN 3657492
1999 20th International Biennale of Alexandria Cyprus Ministry of Culture
1998 Θάλασσα και Ουρανός Πινακοθήκη Λεμεσού
1997 A Century of Visual Arts, Works from the state collection of contemporary Cypriot art, ISBN 9963-0-0061-4
1997 Brushstrokes Across Cultures 3, Bi-communal Art Exhibition Embassy of the United States of America
1997 1st Festival of Fine Arts, Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts, Nicosia-Cyprus
1996 Nicosia through the chronicles of Leontios Machairas and George Voustronios Municipal Art Centre (associated with the Pierides Museum of Contemporary Art), Nicosia, Cyprus
1996 Mediterranean Municipal Centre, Limassol
1996 Παγκυπρια εκθεση Ε.Κ.Α.Τ.Ε.
1995 Cyprus Contemporary Art, An Itinerary Cultural Services, Ministry of Education and Art- Cyprus ISBN 9963-0-0039-8
1994 30 years of ΕΚΑΤΕ (Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts)
1987 Pan-Hellenic Art Exhibition Ministry of Culture, Greece
1986 B’ Biennale of young artists Ministry of Culture, Greece
1986 B’ Biennale of young artists of the Mediterranean countries, Cultural Services Ministry of Education and Art- Cyprus
1986 Young Cypriot Artists, Cultural Center of the Cyprus Popular Bank

Solo catalogue publications found in

mnam/cci Centre Pompidou – Biblioteque Kandinsky, Paris, France.
Leonardo journal (MIT) / The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, CA, USA
Northlands Kunstmuseum, Denmark
Finnish National Gallery Library, Helsinki, Finland.
Centre pour l’image contemporaine, St. Lierva, Switzerland.
Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), Vienna, Austria

Parallel events “Washing-Up Ladies” 1st Cypriot Feminist Art Movement

Professional associations
Member of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Member of Cyprus Architects Association (ETEK), Member of the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts (EKATE) and founding member of the Cyprus Free Artists Association.

2016 Conference- Troubled Contemporary Art Practices in the Middle East, “White-Desire ice cream – Re-materializing post-colonial Cyprus”. Hosted by Birbeck University of London and University of Nicosia , held at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Teaching Experience

2010 (Oct) International Conference “Mapping the Gender Equality:Research and Practices – The National and International Perspective”, organised by the UNESCO Chair in Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (22-23 October 2010, University of Cyprus)
2005 (Oct) 5-day Post-Graduate Workshop, (Multi-media) Art Department of the University of Tampere, Finland
1984-89 Frederick Institute of Technology, Graphic and Education Department (Studio Art)
1991-99 Cyprus Gymnasium, Ministry of Education (Art and Curriculum development)

Artist Awards

2016 English School, Nicosia Award in recognition for her contribution to Arts and Culture, International Women’s Day
2016 Nominated Woman Artist of the Year Award (by Mme Figaro)
2008 Nominated Woman Artist of the Year Award (by Mme Figaro)
2005 Woman Artist of the Year Award (voted by Mme Figaro readers)
2005 Lapithos Municipality, for her contribution to Painting.
2001 4th price of the multimedia award at the 3rd Biennale of Florence, Italy
1999 Le Grand Prix (First overall prize) of the 20th International Biennale of Alexandria, Egypt
1988 National Book Artist Award, for illustration of unpublished children’s book («Μια ανοιξιάτικη μέρα»), Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture
1983 The Outstanding International Student Award, University of California Santa Cruz, USA

Museums collection

Cypriot state collection of contemporary art, Nicosia, Cyprus: “Still-life III”, “Mechanical Billboard I”, “Blue Legs”, “Leg Operation video”, “Circulation Bed”, “Test Tube Bed”, Videos: “Olive-bread” and “Defining Silence”.
Leventis Municipal Museum, Nicosia Cyprus: “I shall follow you to the end of the world – Immigrating for love” installation
Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), Vienna, Austria: “While others wait…We Share” and “Medical Tourism” billboard photos.
Centre Pompidou, (Nouveaux Médias MNAM-CCI.), Paris, France: “Marinated Crushed Olives” video.
Musée des civilizations de l’ Europe et de la Mediterranee, Marseille – France (MuCEM): “Marinated Crushed Olives” video.
Musées de la ville de Marseille – France: “Requiem pour un oiseau rebelle” installation