[transparent epoxy-resin casting of a 20thC domestic iron on pedestal]

“…in short, feminism of the 20thC was involved with what is to become vs 21stC, to disturb the social constructed ideological oppression”


ESCAPE THE BINARY, video 4 min 36 sec @Lia Lapithi 2018

Dance: Yves Jean-Paul Leblanc

Music: Stay Tuned, SONIC_MYSTERY, licensed to Escape the binary.

[&: Angelo Badalamenti-Dance of the dream: Twin Peaks]

Camera: Atlantis film solutions

Film Editing: Diomidis Nikitas

Filmed at Dancehouse Lefkosia c/c Dance Gate Lefkosia




YES, CONNECTION HURTS: discussing sexual tensions and identity roles through the portrayal of an ephemeral moment in which the remaining elements serve as commemorative, a portrait of synchronicity (contemporaneity), time and memory. Curated by Evagoria Dapola


Artist’s notes:

.Post- modern intersectional feminism.

.German feminism (bourgeois feminism vs socialism)

.NEurope feminists vs Women emancipation from suppressed Asian women.

.Both IRON and IRONING-BOARD is symbol of working class woman.

.IRONING BOARD_ DISTURBING THE HEGEMONIC POWER STRUCTURE RELATIONSHIPS [Yves dance performance with ironing board to break CISmale hegemonic of the imbalance of power].




1.Spivak, “Can the Subaltern speak?”/?p?de?ste???...

2.J, Butler, “drag”, “gender performativity” “gender trouble”

3.Foucault, “discipline and punishment”& “valorization of the oppressed as subject, the 'object being.'"

4.Angela Davis, “black feminism”


Female Sexuality:

5.Kate Millet, “Lesbianism as a political action”

6.Bouvoir, “second sex”( women reproducing sexism)


Shit feminism, Old school traditional class reductionist Marxist:

7.Zaretsky, “women sustain capitalism.

8.Engels, “unpaid labor””origins of the family, private property &sex”


Cartesian philosophy

9.Descartes, “cogito has no sex”.


Artist’s + dancer notes - March2018

The dance comes when the choreography is created from the choreographer after all aspects pre-creation has been covered. I believe that the tail suit is fine, it certainly has a great visual impact. And the contradiction between the tail suit and the iron board is very interesting.

I started last night to get some inspiration for the direction of my choreography. I saw an interesting story between the iron board - representing the working class who protests and rebels against the establishment and the leadership/society ruling from the wealthy class - tail suit. Also, the tail suit is associated with men, the iron board with women, another contradiction here. The new fluid generation claim having no defined sex and no defined masculine/feminine role. Also, the iron board is a very used object, the suit tail is associated with expensive new objects. So you get where I am going. It seems pretty related to what you were telling me Lia last Monday, correct me if I’m wrong. I choose to dance a mixture of ballroom, ballet and broadway jazz. Lia, I believe it would be better if we can film in a bigger place than my studio. I am using about the 3/4 of the space, meaning that the camera will lose me most of the time. At my studio, for the camera to get me completely, I would have to dance in a very static way, on the same spot, which is not good at all for the type of dancing that I do. Is it possible to go back where we filmed Carmen 3 years ago?

.sculptures from everyday objects from consumer culture

.ironic and frequently humorous edge, steam iron as a domestic, symbolic, and artistic object

irons into iconic figural forms reminiscent of tribal art.

.Ironing board=cheval glass



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