Silences | Here I stand ironing.

Video, empty flag-pole and video-stills. Dimensions variable, 2016

Video- A woman stands in an empty white room ironing a Greek flag. While ironing she listens to an audio of a short story by Tillie Olsen “Here I stand Ironing”.  In the video we hear an extract of this story.

The Greek flag to many Cypriots is the “Mother-land flag”, Olsen’s story is about a mother and daughter  and takes place in the most ordinary of settings: a mother, at home, ironing. The mother is interrupted in the course of her routine by a troubling question from her daughter’s teacher. The question “moves tormented back and forth with the iron,” as she looks back over her life and circumstances, the continuous movement of the ironing clues us in to the continuous stream of economic hardship and responsibilities that distract her from giving her daughter her full attention and care. It’s a world where those in power can’t be trusted to work for the ordinary person’s best interest and women are “Silenced” in the house, away from politics.