Nothing is sweeter than home by Christina Vatsella, catalogue text for “Symposium” 2010

From elevation plans to model-preparation to cast,  to making the chocolate out of the cast.… to the final 10 meter chocolate sculpture:

19 sculpture pieces, '1020 km2' Pentadaktylos peaks, 19 white chocolate edible sculptures, approx. 60x60x1000cm, 2010 (chef pâtissier des pâtisseries Perikles Roussounides)

Pendadaktylos mountain range peaks, is 91km in length, 2100 sq km. 

The 19 sculptures are done in 2 scales from the map of the mountain: the elevation (peaks) is 1:1000000 while the plan is 1:10000, making the peaks elongated, in a sense separated from its plan and exaggerated, giving the impression of making it larger and greater than what it is. The peaks are enlarged or altered beyond normal or due proportions. The peaks here turn into a  sweet (chocolate), a taste of home, sweet home.